Bowen for Sportive Injuries

by Andrew Zoppos
International Instructor, Senior and Honorary Life Member of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia

Sports activities can often lead to injuries, with more than 10 million sports-related injuries reported each year. The subjects can be professional athletes, people who practice recreational sports, or even children who play football at school. Injuries can range from contusions to bone fractures and muscle strains. If they are not treated, rehabilitation may take a long time and there may be sequelae that prevent further sports practice.

This course is based on my experience of over 50 years in treating athletes with all kinds of ailments. In the beginning, we apply the classic methods: physiotherapy, massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial relaxation therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, etc. There were many disadvantages in the application of conventional protocols, and the athletes required a lot of time for recovery, in many cases not being able to return to the field for several weeks or even months. Once I discovered and learned the Bowen Technique, the athletes were among the first to be convinced of its benefits, due to obtaining an immediate improvement, often even after the first session. They also brought their colleagues and friends and soon Bowen was treating entire football, basketball and volleyball teams.

In the last 34 years, I have treated all kinds of sports injuries, acute or long-term, and I have experimented to find the best and most effective Bowen treatments, for the fastest and most stable results. Performance athletes are generally young and healthy, so the procedures and movements for the areas of interest can be applied according to other criteria than those learned so far.

This course aims to answer all the questions that arise in clinical practice, to bring more information and advice for the faster improvement of problems, to offer more "tools" for obtaining the best and fastest results in working with this fantastic technique . We will discuss how we can approach any injury on the sports field, the moment it happened and how to apply the following treatments. This course is supported by a 30-page manual, with illustrations for each condition, description of symptoms and pathology, explanations and recommended procedures.

Bowtech accredited course
2 days, 16 hours / CEU points
Cost of participation: 350 Euro
Eligible participants: graduates of module 8 in Bowen Technique and
members of the local Bowen association
Authorised and approved by the Bowen Therapy Academy in Australia
For registration, contact your local Bowen office