Cristina Feodot

Cristina Feodot  
It was necessary to remind myself of the mind-body-soul balance.

The journey from receiving to giving back

The path from Bowen patient to Bowen instructor was not a planned one. In fact, my encounter with this concept, followed by this whole process, was a happy "happening" that I still remember with the same amazement and emotion.

Being a rational person par excellence, passionate about technology and artificial intelligence, I needed to remind myself of the balance of mind-body-soul. The way in which providence chose to remind me of this was by facing some serious health problems. This is where Bowen therapy intervened, which gave me access to healing and at the same time opened up a path for me to explore.

It was a beautiful, challenging path, a constant evolution related to the assimilation and deepening of the Bowen concept, as well as the personal understanding of the universe called man.

Bowen represents an amazing technique that contains specific methods, procedures and rules. But more than that, it is a set of interconnected approaches, competing to achieve that state of well-being that characterizes the complete human being.

My journey from receiving to returning the gift continues, always offering surprising experiences. Whether you are a patient, student, therapist or instructor, knowing Bowen means knowing yourself and your fellow man, always involving a fulfilling exchange on both sides.