Bowen and Babies

By Andrew Zoppos, Carmen Zoppou and Marcela Campian

Although the title of this manual refers to babies, we actually created a course much more complex: the Bowen technique for infertility, pregnant women in all stages, birth and possible complications, young mother's challenges and solutions, correct approaches for nursing, babies and children common conditions.     

For many years, we were happy to hear, at every course, our practitioners' excellent results when treating infertility, pregnant women and babies, but also got aware that many important aspects were not known, either by the therapists, nor by the parents.     

We started by selecting from our records and our practitioners' case studies the best, fastest and reliable procedures to address different conditions, but as we too learned a lot from our patients and their diverse cases, during the years, we documented more and we built as we went, by adding information on different pathologies might be encountered, with description of symptoms, etiology and treatment plans, resulting a material that we believe it's valuable and comprehensive. It probably should have been named "The Bowen Technique for mothers and babies, before, during and after birth", but we agreed that would have been too long for a title.   

We can help with Bowtech so many couples that can't conceive and we can assist young parents to embrace and enjoy the miracle of having a baby, without the stress, exhaustion and fears that often come as a package. That's the purpose of this course: to teach Bowen practitioners how to better assist parents, babies and children, because when you understand the cause of the problem, you can address it easier and faster. Love, knowledge and empathy - that's what it takes to help people in the most beautiful part of their life, to experience it with joy and happiness!   

All the three authors of this manual contributed with all their experience and knowledge, to what we consider a labor of love. We hope you'll appreciate it too.

2 days, 16 hours / 16 C.E.U. points
Participation cost: 1750 Lei

Eligible registrants: Bowen Μodule 8 graduates and members of the local Bowtech Αssociation

Authorised and Endorsed by The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia
For registration, please contact your local Bowtech office